Impaired Driving

Advancing Drugged Driving Data at the State Level

The objective of this project is to identify and recommend strategies for improving state level data on the nature and extent of drugged driving in the United States by addressing the most significant barriers that impede state efforts to collect and compile such data.

Overview of Major Issues Regarding the Impacts of Alcohol and Marijuana on Driving

As part of a project funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, this document provides an overview of issues related to marijuana consumption, driving impairment and blood testing as well as the potential impacts of social and legal factors.

2013 Traffic Safety Culture Index

The sixth-annual Traffic Safety Culture Index provides the very latest survey data on the attitudes and behaviors of American motorists.

Drunk Driving: Seeking Additional Solutions

Drunk drivers continue to plague American highways. They crash, they injure,
and they kill. In 2000, 16,653 traffic fatalities — 40 percent of all highway deaths —
involved at least one drinking driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

Screening Motor Vehicle Crash Patients in the Emergency Department

This report provides background information on alcohol-related injury, screening, and interventions, and describes a project to increase alcohol screening of patients by emergency physicians.

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