Evaluating LATCH System Ease of Use and Key Features in New Vehicles

These reports examine the Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) systems in vehicles, with the goal of reducing child passenger deaths and injuries by improving LATCH ease of use and effectiveness.

Aggressive Driving: Three Studies

In Massachusetts, Donald Graham, a 54-year-old bookkeeper, became
embroiled in a heated, ongoing traffic dispute with Michael Blodgett, 42, on
February 20, 1994.

Research on the Problem of Violent Aggressive Driving

Mr. Chairman, members of the Surface Transportation Subcommittee, I am
David K. Willis, President and Chief Executive Officer of the AAA Foundation for
Traffic Safety. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a publicly supported,
charitable research and educational organization affiliated with the American
Automobile Association, a federation of 99 motor clubs serving more than 39
million motorists in the United States and Canada.

Improper Steering Endangers Drivers with Antilock Brakes

Improper steering in vehicles equipped with antilock brakes (ABS) can send the
vehicle veering dramatically out of control, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
has found.

Did you know? Inline Skating Safety

Inline skating is increasingly being used for recreation and transportation. According to the International Inline Skating Association, the number of inline skaters has increased by 300 percent since 1992.

Skateboarding: More Dangerous Than Roller Skating or In-line Skating

Waking after a long sleep, a modern day Rip Van Winkle would be amazed at the
skaters and skateboarders whizzing by on streets, sidewalks, and bicycle paths.

Changing Behaviors to Prevent Drowsy Driving and Promote Traffic Safety

Excessive sleepiness may result in an increased risk of a motor vehicle crash either
because the motorist falls asleep while driving or because he experiences reduced attention to road events and driving tasks due to fatigue/sleepiness.

Tire Safety Survey

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety commissioned Roper Starch Wordwide to conduct a study among drivers in the general public to determine the extent of their knowledge of various tire safety issues, as well as how they maintain the condition of their vehicle's tires


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