Teen Driver Safety

Timing of Driver’s License Acquisition and Reasons for Delay among Young People in the United States, 2012

This study investigated the ages at which young people obtain driver’s licenses, as well as reasons for delaying licensure among those who did not obtain a license before turning 18.

Improving Parental Supervision of Novice Drivers Using an Evidence-Based Approach

Part IV in a series of studies, conducted at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, of novice teen drivers. This report provides an overview of a training session developed for parents, that aims to improve parent "coaching" of their teen drivers.

Graduated Driver Licensing Research Review 2010 - Present

This is the latest in a series of reviews of research on graduated driver licensing (GDL) published in the Journal of Safety Research, covering the period January 1, 2010-June 1, 2012 and work in progress. The intent is to keep researchers and policy makers current regarding the existing state of knowledge about GDL, and to identify information gaps and areas where clarification of research findings is needed. The recent research indicates that we continue to learn about ways to extend GDL benefits, but there remain important questions in need of further inquiry.

A Study of Young Driver Insurance Records: Opportunities for Automotive Insurers

There is no question that 16-24 year olds are disproportionately high contributors to traffic accidents and fatalities. They are also the greatest loss group for automobile insurers.

Novice Driver Education Model Curriculum Outline

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has sponsored a project to "reinvent" driver education into a format that reduces crashes by novice drivers.

Guidelines for Evaluating Driver Education Programs

The Foundation developed this three-volume set of guidelines for conducting thorough evaluations of driver education programs for beginning drivers.

Nationwide Review of Graduated Driver Licensing

This study is examines the overall national impact of graduated driver licensing programs on fatal crashes and injury crashes of 16-year-old drivers.


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