Traffic Safety

American Driving Survey 2014–2015

The American Driving Survey is a data collection system, consisting of daily telephone interviews of a representative sample of the United States population. Respondents are asked to report all of the driving that they did over a 24-hour period the day before the interview. By aggregating results from interviews conducted each day, the data are used to estimate the average and total amount that Americans drive each year and to describe the driving that they do.

Behavioral Adaptation to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: A Literature Review

In this literature review, theories of and research on driver behavioral adaptation are examined in light of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that support driving tasks formerly managed exclusively by the driver.

Telematics, Safety Defects, and Connected Vehicles

This report investigates the possibilities of using embedded vehicle sensor technology to support identification of safety related defects to assist stakeholders with vehicle safety oversite.

Using Naturalistic Driving Data to Assess Vehicle-to-Vehicle Crashes Involving Fleet Drivers

This project examined hundreds of actual crashes from a naturalistic driving database. The data allowed us to examine behaviors and potential contributing factors in the seconds leading up to the collision, and provided information not available in police reports.

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2014 Traffic Safety Culture Index

Since 2006, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has been sponsoring research to better understand traffic safety culture. The Foundation’s long-term term vision is to create a “social climate in which traffic safety is highly valued and rigorously pursued.”

In 2014, sampling was expanded to allow for reporting at the state level for 24 states, which cover 80 percent of the U.S. population.

Hidden Highways: Fog and Traffic Crashes on America’s Roads

Although fog and smoke are understood to create challenging driving conditions for motorists, surprisingly little research has been conducted on the characteristics of fog- and smoke-related crashes, and on the prevalence of such crashes in overall national highway safety statistics. This report illustrates the scope of the problem by presenting 23 years of national data on fatal crashes involving fog and smoke, and 19 years of police-reported crash data pertaining to these conditions

Pedestrian Fatalities on Interstate Highways

Descriptive report provides the latest data on pedestrian deaths that occur on the Interstate Highway System.

Evaluating Technologies Relevant to the Enhancement of Driver Safety

Click on the title above to see our Vehcile Technology Safety Ratings pages, including links to the final report, infographic matrix, and FAQ section for seven different in-car safety technologies.


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