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Distractions in Everyday Driving

Distractions in Everyday Driving(2014; 12 page brochure; Adults; Skills)

When you are behind the wheel, do you let distractions get the best of you or do you have the discipline to ignore them?  "Distractions in Everyday Driving" provides tips and best practices for handling both the obvious and not so obvious distractions that can get a driver into trouble or a crash.

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Drivers 65+

Drivers 65+(2010; 20 pages; 65+ Adults; Skills and Attitudes)

This short questionnaire tests important driving-related skills.  Intended for drivers over 65, this booklet suggests measures to cope with any revealed deficiencies.  Replaces the original "Drivers 55 Plus: Test Your Own Performance."

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How to Avoid Drowsy Driving

How to Avoid Drowsy Driving(2013; 12 page brochure; Adults; Skills)

Explains how to stay alert while driving and when to get off the road. Dispels common myths about driving tired, such as the perception that you are able to predict when you will fall asleep. Contains checklists of danger signals for drowsy drivers and symptoms of sleep disorders.   

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How to Avoid Headlight Glare

How to Avoid Headlight Glare(2013; 12 pages; Adults; Skills)

Need some bright ideas? The Foundation's "Glare" brochure outlines specific steps you can take to combat the problem of headlight glare during night driving. Topics include useful pointers to minimize glare caused by other vehicles.

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Over the Edge and Back

Over the Edge and Back(2013; 8 pages; Adults; Skills)
Over the Edge and Back is a brochure that explains the actions necessary to recover your vehicle safely when one of its tires drops off a raised pavement edge onto the road's shoulder. This is a potentially deadly situation if the driver panics or takes the wrong immediate actions. Over the Edge and Back details the proper actions to take in various pavement edge drop-off scenarios.

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Peligro en el Camino

Peligro en el CaminoPeligro en el Camino, or Danger in the Road, is the AAA Foundation's first-ever Spanish-language print educational material.  Developed in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this brochure promotes pedestrian safety in urban areas by emphasizing to both drivers and pedestrians that safety is everyone's responsibility, and illustrating how easily neglecting this responsibility can result in tragedy.  The back cover explains the meaning of common traffic signs and signals, in both Spanish and English.

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 Road Rage: How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Road Rage: How to Avoid Aggressive Driving(2013; 8-page brochure; Adults; Skills and Attitudes)

How can you avoid engaging an aggressive driver? What behaviors make other drivers really angry? This short 8-page pamphlet outlines what you can do to steer clear of aggressive driving incidents. Contains some of the most valuable information you'll need to survive on today's highways.

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The Older and Wiser Driver

The Older and Wiser Driver(2013, 12 page brochure; Older Adults; Skills and Attitudes)

Easy-to-read brochure explains how to compensate for the effects of aging. Based on "The Older and Wiser Driver" video, this pamphlet offers tips on vision, cognition, fitness, and the effects of medications. Designed to help older drivers continue driving safely.

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