Request for Proposals

New! Request for Letters of Interest: State-by-State Recommendations to Improve Data on Drugged Drivers - Deadline September 30, 2016 at 5pm EDT

The AAA Foundation promulgated the following five RFPs for our next research funding cycle. The deadline for each RFP was July 29, 2016 at 5pm ET and has expired.  Click on the links below to view the archived requests.



Is this limited to US projects or would a project from Canada be considered?

Yes, proposals from Canada will be considered.

Would you consider providing funding to extend an existing project?

This funding is for original research efforts and not intended to be ”supplemental” funding. However, we are interested in reviewing proposals in which an unfunded unique idea/effort can be added to ongoing study…especially if the synergy produces a low-cost, high-impact study.

Is there a maximum percentage of indirect costs that the Foundation will pay? Also, are both direct and indirect costs included within the maximum award amount?

The Foundation is a charitable entity and is not committed to matching the indirect cost rates of the U.S. government or other entities. However, since the Foundation has an important relationship with many Universities and non-profit organizations to perform valuable work projects, including (but not limited to) discovery research, and intervention development / evaluation, universities and non-profit organizations can request a limited amount of indirect costs. Please read the details in each of the RFP announcements for the current allowable indirect costs.

Does the 5 page limit include the title page, which in our case includes the information required in section 1: title, investigators, affiliations, & contact info.?

Your proposal should be no longer than five (5) pages not including title page, CVs, or any charts, which should be added to an appropriate appendix.

Do references count towards our 5-page proposal limit?

Yes, the 5 page limit includes the references. If your proposal is selected for further funding consideration you will be notified and asked to expand it if needed.

Do you want us to include our resume/CVs at the time of submission? If so, is there a specific format that you require?

A curriculum vitae (CV) for the primary investigators can be attached as an appendix. There is no resume/CV format that we require.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of this research area, would the AAAFTS have any objections to a project with three named Principal Investigators?

We prefer to have one listed PI who will ultimately be contractually responsible for communications, deliverables, budgets and timelines regardless of any additional Co-PIs who are listed and budgeted for. It should be noted in the proposal if the PIs are from the same or different organizations.

If we do not get awarded the funding, can you give us a detailed analysis of how we can improve our proposal?


Project specific questions

•Examining Motorists’ Experiences with, Reactions to, and Training Needs for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

None submitted.

•Drug Evaluation and Classification Program Review and Enhancement Study

None submitted.

•Examining Supervised Practice Driving by New Drivers

None submitted.

•Identify Countermeasures to Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug-Impaired Driving

None submitted.

•State-by-State Recommendations to Improve Data on Drugged Drivers

None submitted.