Completed Projects

Safety Culture

In 1995, 543 people were killed while on foot on an Interstate highway. Pedestrian
fatalities on Interstates have claimed an average of 610 lives each year since

Road Safety, Safety Culture

Regardless of whether we consider fatal crashes recorded throughout the United
States or total crashes recorded in one state, it is clear that speeding is a serious
threat to the motoring public. In 1993, for example, some 53,343 drivers were
involved in fatal traffic crashes in the United States.

Teen Driver Safety

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has sponsored a project to "reinvent" driver education into a format that reduces crashes by novice drivers.

Road Safety, Miscellaneous

Roadway safety standards require that shoulders meet specifications for width and stability.

Teen Driver Safety, Safety Culture

There is no question that 16-24 year olds are disproportionately high contributors to traffic accidents and fatalities. They are also the greatest loss group for automobile insurers.

Safety Culture, Drowsy Driving

This study addresses two key questions regarding the causes of sleep-related accidents: 1) Can drivers anticipate sleep onset well enough to avoid sleep-related accidents? 2) How do drivers use physiological cues of sleepiness in making judgments regarding the riskiness of continued driving?

Senior Safety & Mobility

Instrument panels in modern vehicles are often equipped with numeric readouts and digital bargraph displays instead of (or in addition to) traditional analog display.

Safety Culture, Distracted Driving

Research has shown that use of cellular phones does not interfere significantly with the ability to control an automobile except among the elderly, where potentially dangerous lane excursions can occur. However, the effect of cellular phones as a possible distraction has not been investigated.