Completed Projects

Safety Culture

This study investigated the number of motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and
deaths that occurred in the United States in years 2010-2014 in relation to
weather conditions and roadway surface conditions.

Senior Safety & Mobility

This report synthesizes the knowledge about older drivers and advanced in-vehicle technologies, focusing on three areas: use, perception, and outcomes.

Senior Safety & Mobility

Findings from this report originate from an extensive synthesis of the literature on self-regulation of driving among older adults. The synthesis builds on earlier reviews of the literature by the authors, as well as extends literature findings on specific aspects self-regulation.

Safety Culture, Drowsy Driving

Fatigue, or drowsiness, is known to degrade driving performance by slowing reaction time, impairing judgment and situational awareness, and increasing attentional lapses as well as the occurrence of microsleeps. The purpose of the present study was to provide updated estimates of the prevalence of selfreported drowsy driving using data from a nationally-representative survey of drivers conducted in 2015.

Safety Culture, Distracted Driving

This research examines the impact of voice-based interactions using three different intelligent personal assistants (Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now for Android phones, and Microsoft’s Cortana) on the cognitive workload of the driver.

Safety Culture, Distracted Driving

This research represents the third phase of the Foundation’s comprehensive investigation into cognitive distraction, which shows that new hands-free technologies can mentally distract drivers even if their eyes are on the road and their hands are on the wheel.

Senior Safety & Mobility

A synthesis of qualitative studies of older adults’ preferences concerning communication with their healthcare providers about driving, including driving safety and planning for future “driving retirement".

Senior Safety & Mobility

This systematic review assesses the evidence in the research literature on the consequences of driving cessation in older adults.

Miscellaneous, Traffic Safety

This project examined hundreds of actual crashes from a naturalistic driving database. The data allowed us to examine behaviors and potential contributing factors in the seconds leading up to the collision, and provided information not available in police reports.

Webinar (recorded)

Teen Driver Safety

This study investigates the changes and trends in the number of teenage drivers aged 15 – 19 involved in police-reported crashes each year for the 20-year period from 1994 through 2013.