Completed Projects

Road Safety

This AAA Foundation report examines the prevalence of pavement edge drop-off—a condition in which the shoulder or the edge of the road is lower than the paved travel lane—in several states, and also surveys state practices for monitoring and repairing drop-off, and assesses the relationship between drop-off depth and crash risk. The report also includes recommendations from the project’s advisory panel of experts and stakeholders.

Teen Driver Safety, Safety Culture

This study examines the experiences and crash patterns of newly-licensed teenage drivers in three jurisdictions with differing graduated driver licensing programs.

Road Safety, Safety Culture, Miscellaneous

The level of safety for motorists on U.S. roads varies widely. Controlled-access
freeways, with no at-grade intersections or driveways, provide the highest level of safety
among road types.


This report describes the creation of Guidelines for Developing Traffic Safety Educational Materials for Spanish-Speaking Audiences and outlines the process of creating materials for speakers of Spanish, or adapting existing English-language materials to serve Spanish speakers.

Child Passenger Safety

In this reprot the AAA Foundation examines research on the effectiveness of various types of interventions to increase booster seat use.

Traffic Safety

To stimulate multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational thinking on traffic safety research issues, the AAAFTS, in cooperation with the FHWA and NHTSA, sponsored a planning workshop at AAAFTS in Washington, DC on October 11-12, 2005.

Traffic Safety

Injury prevention experts are interested in periodically monitoring occupant restraint use and misuse and then working to increase correct use.

Road Safety, Miscellaneous

In this report AAA Foundation discusses the dangers of road debris caused by unsecured loads, separated tires, and other vehicle-related sources, and estimates the number of crashes attributable to such debris each year.

For more recent statistics, please see the GAO 13-24 report

Road Safety, Miscellaneous

Improper steering in vehicles equipped with antilock brakes (ABS) can send the
vehicle veering dramatically out of control, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
has found.