Completed Projects

Drowsy Driving

This study updates an earlier 1999 - 2008 study with data from years 2009 – 2013. Crash rates due to drowsy driving during this period are higher than official government statistics suggest.

Safety Culture, Distracted Driving, Traffic Safety

Utilizes the mental workload rating system and scale published in part 1 (June 2013) to explore the cognitive distraction caused by additional tasks, technologies, and -- for the first time -- proprietary systems.

Safety Culture, Miscellaneous, Traffic Safety

Click on the title above to see our Vehcile Technology Safety Ratings pages, including links to the final report, infographic matrix, and FAQ section for seven different in-car safety technologies.

Road Safety, Miscellaneous, Traffic Safety

Descriptive report provides the latest data on pedestrian deaths that occur on the Interstate Highway System.

Teen Driver Safety

This report examines driver education programs in two jurisdictions in order to better understand whether and to what extent they have a positive effect on teen driver safety.

Teen Driver Safety, Traffic Safety

Examines teen driver violations of GDL provisions in 2 states to gain insight into enforcement of these restrictions.

Senior Safety & Mobility

This report investigates several state laws and requirements pertaining to license renewal for older drivers, with the objective of determining whether and which such policies reduce fatal crash rates, and by how much.

Senior Safety & Mobility, Traffic Safety

Our new study of two national databases provides some of the latest details on older driver travel behaviors, automobility, and medication use.

Child Passenger Safety, Miscellaneous, Traffic Safety

These reports examine the Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) systems in vehicles, with the goal of reducing child passenger deaths and injuries by improving LATCH ease of use and effectiveness.