Completed Projects

Road Safety, Safety Culture, Miscellaneous

In 1999 and 2000, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a research program to identify barriers to analysis of large truck safety experience in the United States. The primary focus was on so-called Longer Combination Vehicles (LCVs) - the "doubles" and "triples" running on major highways throughout the country.

Road Safety, Safety Culture, Miscellaneous

This report “Unlicensed to Kill,” was name after an article that appeard in the June 13, 1994 issue of Time magazine.

Safety Culture, Miscellaneous

This paper is about street skating, also known as skating for transportation.
Urbanization, the spread of pavement, and major advances in skate design now
make it possible to skate for many purposes beyond recreation.

Road Safety, Safety Culture, Drowsy Driving

A number of approaches have been taken to studying the role of drowsiness in motor vehicle crashes and the characteristics of drivers involved in such crashes.


Inline skating is increasingly being used for recreation and transportation. According to the International Inline Skating Association, the number of inline skaters has increased by 300 percent since 1992.

Road Safety, Safety Culture

According to recent research from the Texas Transportation Institute, congestion
in most of the United States’ major urban areas is on the rise (1). The average
driver spent 19 hours stuck in traffic in 1982, but 33 hours stuck in traffic in 1993.

Road Safety

Collisions with animals, particularly deer, represent more than four percent of all
crashes in the United States and killed 111 people in 1995 according to data
from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatal Accident
Reporting System (FARS), so the Foundation decided to look into this issue

Safety Culture, Aggressive Driving

This report discusses results of a literature review and pilot study on how to prevent
aggressive driving and road rage.

Safety Culture, Miscellaneous

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety commissioned Roper Starch Wordwide to conduct a study among drivers in the general public to determine the extent of their knowledge of various tire safety issues, as well as how they maintain the condition of their vehicle's tires

Road Safety, Safety Culture

This article examines bicycle use and safety behavior in Paris, Boston, and Amsterdam. Population-adjusted bicycle and passenger car death rates in France, the United States, and the Netherlands provide context for understanding bicycle use and safety behavior.