Completed Projects

Teen Driver Safety

This study investigates the changes and trends in the number of teenage drivers aged 15 – 19 involved in police-reported crashes each year for the 20-year period from 1994 through 2013.

Teen Driver Safety, Distracted Driving

In this study, we conducted a large-scale comprehensive examination of naturalistic data from thousands of actual crashes involving teenage drivers. The data allowed us to examine behaviors and potential contributing factors in the seconds leading up to the collision, and provided information not available inpolice reports.

Teen Driver Safety

This report examines driver education programs in two jurisdictions in order to better understand whether and to what extent they have a positive effect on teen driver safety.

Teen Driver Safety, Traffic Safety

Examines teen driver violations of GDL provisions in 2 states to gain insight into enforcement of these restrictions.

Teen Driver Safety

Part IV in a series of studies, conducted at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, of novice teen drivers. This report provides an overview of a training session developed for parents, that aims to improve parent "coaching" of their teen drivers.

Teen Driver Safety

This study investigated the ages at which young people obtain driver’s licenses, as well as reasons for delaying licensure among those who did not obtain a license before turning 18.

Teen Driver Safety

This is the latest in a series of reviews of research on graduated driver licensing (GDL) published in the Journal of Safety Research, covering the period January 1, 2010-June 1, 2012 and work in progress. The intent is to keep researchers and policy makers current regarding the existing state of knowledge about GDL, and to identify information gaps and areas where clarification of research findings is needed. The recent research indicates that we continue to learn about ways to extend GDL benefits, but there remain important questions in need of further inquiry.

Teen Driver Safety

The data presented in this report can help states identify remaining targets of opportunity to prevent fatal crashes that involve teenage drivers with teenage passengers through refinements to their graduated driver licensing programs.

Teen Driver Safety

This report summarizes the results of a study of supplementary driver training, conducted by Dunlap and Associates, Inc. for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).