Completed Projects

Traffic Safety

Injury prevention experts are interested in periodically monitoring occupant restraint use and misuse and then working to increase correct use.

Road Safety, Miscellaneous

In this report AAA Foundation discusses the dangers of road debris caused by unsecured loads, separated tires, and other vehicle-related sources, and estimates the number of crashes attributable to such debris each year.

For more recent statistics, please see the GAO 13-24 report

Road Safety, Miscellaneous

Improper steering in vehicles equipped with antilock brakes (ABS) can send the
vehicle veering dramatically out of control, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
has found.

Senior Safety & Mobility

AAA Foundation report investigates the factors leading to the crashes of older drivers, by analyzing 25 years of data on crashes in the state of Texas.

Safety Culture, Drowsy Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year up to 100,000 police-reported crashes (about 1.5% of all crashes) involve drowsiness or fatigue as a principal cause, injuring at least 71,000 people, and killing at least 1,500.

Road Safety

This report describes an evaluation of converging chevron pavement markings in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Safety Culture, Distracted Driving

In this study, in-vehicle cameras were used to record the driving of 70 study participants to analyze what distractions drivers face and how frequently they engage in distracting tasks.

Safety Culture

This study is a follow-up to a previous AAA Foundation study that found that one in five fatal crashes involve at least one driver who did not have a valid license, this study examines the practices of several states for addressing the issue of unlicensed drivers.