The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety sponsors research that uncovers critical traffic safety problems and identifies the most effective solutions. Drawing on both in-house resources and leading traffic safety experts in North America, we conduct research that addresses specific questions and generates concrete recommendations for preventing crashes, injuries, and deaths on our roads.

The AAA Foundation’s research program focuses these centers of excellence:

As well as these priority research areas:

To learn more about studies that are currently underway visit Current Projects. And, visit Completed Projects for published research reports and support materials inclduing fact sheets and presentations. 

Foundation research is used to create high-impact educational materials for all age groups.

We believe that knowledge and experience are key to becoming a better driver. The Foundation's studies have shown that understanding the risks of driving and one's own limitations can prevent crashes.

The Foundation's materials seek to give drivers new skills, sharpen old ones, and change attitudes, as the first step to changing behaviors. Other materials teach pedestrian safety to minimize the risks of injury.