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 National Traffic Sagety Organizations and Research Centers

  • AAA - American Automobile Association Newsroom - This is the news site of AAA National. It has safety brochures, press releases, articles and more!" 
  • AAA Exchange - The public service site of AAA National. It provides a look into the important safety, consumer, automotive and travel issues AAA addresses.
  • AAA Digest of Motor Laws - Searchable online compendium of driving laws and regulations, organized by state.
  • AAA - Find your local club - Enter your zip code and find your local American Automobile Association club.
  • Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals - Advises and assists the National Safety Council in the development and implementation of Council positions, programs, and activities related to the design, development, and use of traffic records systems which support the traffic accident reduction and prevention goals of the Division, the Council and the U.S. 
  • Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety - "is an alliance of consumer, health, and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer."
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Homepage for the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a statistical agency established for data collection, analysis, reporting, and to ensure the most cost-effective use of transportation-monitoring resources.
  • Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) - Gateway to Canada's regional automobile clubs.
  • Center for Excellence in Rural Safety - Provides citizen-centered research, training, and outreach to enhance rural safety and to meet the online and seminar training needs of rural transportation practitioners and policymakers.
  • Federal Highway Administration - Includes info on highway improvement programs, usage statistics, ISTEA reauthorization and more.
  • Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) - GHSA represents the highway safety programs of states and territories on the human behavioral aspects of highway safety.
  • Highway Loss Data Institute - Summarizes recent injury, collision and theft info for different vehicle models.
  • Highway Safety Research Center - A leading highway research center located at The University of North Carolina.
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - Independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization supported by the insurance industry; site has a broad range of vehicle-related traffic safety info.
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers - ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of transportation.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Government websiste featuring information on vehicle standards, air bags, and much more.
  • National Safety Council - Aim is to educate and influence society to adopt safety, health and environmental policies, practices and procedures. Info on NSC's various coalitions and campaigns.
  • National Crash Analysis Center - Federally funded research center concentrating on vehicle crash research. Research includes, biomechanics, roadside hardware, and vehicle modeling.
  • Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) - Public/private partnership and non-profit organization working to help employers develop and implement comprehensive workplace highway safety programs.
  • Operation Lifesaver - Operation Lifesaver strives to increase public awareness about the danger at places where the roadway crosses the train tracks and on railroad rights-of-way. The program seeks to improve driver and pedestrian behavior at highway-rail intersections by encouraging compliance with traffic laws relating to crossing signs and signals.
  • The Roadway Safety Foundation - Homepage of the Roadway Safety Foundation (RSF), one of the few national organizations solely dedicated to reducing highway deaths and injuries by improving the physical characteristics of America's roadways - design and engineering, operating conditions, removal of roadside hazards, and the effective use of safety features. RSF works to attain its goals by building awareness through media campaigns and outreach activities, developing educational materials and forming roadway safety partnerships between the private and public sectors. It is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization chartered in 1997 by the American Highway Users Alliance. 
  • Texas Transportation Institute Center for Transportation Safety - The Center for Transportation Safety was created to serve as a focal point for traffic safety research, policy analysis, education, and outreach in Texas
  • Think First Foundation - The mission of the THINK FIRST Foundation is to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries through the education of individuals, community leaders and the creators of public policy.
  • Transportation Research Board - A comprehensive site containing all kinds of transportation research.
  • U.S. Department of Transportation - Comprehensive government transportation information. Meet our Secretary of Transportation, Rodney Slater. 
  • Western Transportation Institute - The country's largest National University Transportation Center focused on rural transportation issues