Road Safety

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We are all road users.  Whether we’re drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, or skaters, we have a vested interest in ensuring that our roadways are designed and engineered to minimize risks and prevent crashes.

People understand this and want to see more investment in road safety. In the AAA Foundation’s 2011 Traffic Safety Culture Index, 70% of Americans said they believe the government should pay more attention to making roads and highways safer.

Despite this support, with so many public works competing for scarce funding, jurisdictions at all levels need tools to help identify where their investments can reap the greatest safety improvements.

Through the Road Safety Center of Excellence, the AAA Foundation provides a tool to offer that risk-based guidance for road safety investments. Under the AAA Foundation-created United States Road Assessment Program (usRAP), the Foundation benchmarks the relative safety of the nation’s roadways. This information, in turn, helps states and other jurisdictions prioritize their resources so they can address these safety concerns.