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(2010, 17:00, All Drivers)

Brought to you by the AAA Foundation, Roadway Safety Foundation, Michelin, and South Carolina Department of Transportation, the Run-off-the-road video and Read, React, Recover PSA aim to educate drivers about the dangers of run-off-the-road crashes, properly negotiating rumble strips, as well as the steps to take to avoid or even recover from run-off-the-road incidents, which represent 40 percent of fatal crashes nationwide. 

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(Updated 2006, 16:00, Adults, includes English & Spanish) Learn about the underlying rules and logic behind traffic control signs, signals, and lane markings, and the importance of obeying signs to drive safely.


(Remastered on DVD 2006, 45:20) 

For General-ed and Special-needs Students, and School Bus Drivers Learn how to use all types of exits currently outfitted on school buses including different evacuation patterns. Lively presentation and state-of-the-art produc