Vehicle Safety Technology Ratings Matrix

Using the Matrix

We’ve rated 7 different safety technologies using a familiar 5-star system (5 = best), but with a twist. Open star ratings (☆) represent how the technology performed in the laboratory, in a driving simulator, or on the test track under tightly controlled conditions. Thus this testing, under the “best case” scenario, represents what we call the theoretical benefit.

But we recognized that driving in the real world can be tricky especially when weather makes the roads hard to see or other drivers do unexpexed things.  So solid star ratings (★) were developed for each of the technologies to show how these equipment perform in the real world, as seen in real word crash data and insurance claims data.

Hover over each technology name to see a brief description of what the system or device does. Click anywhere in the associated row of the technology of interest and it will take you to a page that discusses each technology and its rating in much more detail.

For a larger rendering of the matrix, please view the PDF version.

Vehicle Safety Technology Rating Matrix